Contract PHP Developer


I build rock-solid websites and systems from the ground up using object oriented PHP and MySQL


I’m up-to-speed with the latest responsive design technologies like SASS, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery


Looking for a reliable developer to get a development project done? I’ll quote you a flat price for the project and can work in your office ormine.


I can come to you in your office, during normal office hours and work as an employee. We’ll agree an hourly or daily rate.

I’m flexible

Symfony, WordPress, Magento, Codeigniter, I’ve embraced a fair range of technologies in my time. As long as you’re within a 60 mile radius from Chester, let’s talk.

I’m experienced

I’ve been building websites professionally, frontend and backend since 2007. I’ve continually pushed myself to embrace new technologies and methdologies ever since, and I love it.

PHP5 MySQL HTML5 CSS3 jQuery Wordpress Opencart Magento Drupal Symfony Codeigniter Zend Photoshop


About Me

BlueLeaf-238 I’m a true techie with a passion for technology and creating things. When I’m in the car I’m listening to a personal development audiobook. When I’m not spending quality time with my two awesome kids, I’m in the garage tinkering with my latest electronic contraption.

My Skills

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Shoot me a message and if you like, I’ll call you back!
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