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I specialise in search engine optimisation to help my clients websites rank at the top of Google for their chosen keywords.
This increases targetted traffic to their site and in turn leads to more phonecalls from potential customers.
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SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the practice of optimising a web site so that it ranks higher on search engines for a given keyword.

It goes without saying that if your website appears at the top of Google results for the term ‘blue widgets’, then more people are going to click through to your website and thus, hopefully, buy more of your awesome blue widgets.

Now the SEO industry has taken a few hits over the years due to people claiming to be SEO professionals, who are, for want of a better phrase, inexperienced chancers. Beware of bold claims of ‘hitting the #1 spot in 4 weeks’, people who don’t know what they are doing can do more harm than good to your site and ultimately get your site penalised by Google.

I only utilise strictly white-hat SEO strategies for my SEO clients, following the below tried-and-tested process which has delivered strong results time and time again:

What I do

  • Analysis of your business, your KPIs and place in the market
  • Analysis of your website structure and content
  • Analysis of your link profile (websites that link to your site)
  • Competitive analysis of your main competitors
  • On-page optimisations to your website
  • Strategic content marketing
  • Online brand development and strategic link placement

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