Infinity Mirror Table

A coffee table with a mind-bending optical illusion

I was thinking of building an infinity mirror coffee table for quite a while, it has been on my list of ‘to-do’ projects for ages. I was waiting to come across a suitable coffee table and then I found an ideal one in the clearance section of a nearby furniture shop. It was pretty scuffed and had a couple of scratches, but they only wanted £25 for it. I offered £20 and they accepted. Perfect! It was bigger than I had originally intended but ideal for our office.

Infinity mirrors are made from a mirror (in this case facing up) and a one-way mirror. A strip of LEDs is sandwiched between them in a gap about 5cm wide. To make the one-way mirror I used mirror film which is attached to the underside of the glass surface.

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Individually-addressable RGB LEDs Dual LED rows for extra depth Wiring routed inside leg to improve the illusion Multiple display modes/effects Adjustable brightness Remote controlled


Parts used to construct this project were sourced from the following suppliers.

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