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Fix Blurry Product Thumbnail Images in the Divi Shop Module
How To Choose A Good Digital Marketing Consultant
Advanced Operators: How to Google Search like a Pro

Fix Blurry Product Thumbnail Images in the Divi Shop Module

If you have built an eCommerce store using Woocommerce and Divi, you will probably know how powerful these plugins are and just how rapidly you can build a professional, SEO optimised storefront almost entirely in the browser with a minimal amount of coding.

Having said that, there are few shortcomings in Divi, particularly with regards to getting things right for SEO.

One such issue being the low resolution thumbnail images in the Divi shop module.

Blurry, Low Resolution Images

The product photos in the grid listing of the Divi shop module are rendered at just 150px by 150px byt the WordPress Thumbnail function. This means that they have to be scaled up by the browser. The net result being blurry photos.

This might be okay if you have 5 products per row, but if you decide to change the module to show 3 products per row, then those 150px images have to be scaled up to 320px wide by the browser. I’m sure that you’re already aware that scaling up an image to more than double it’s original size is obviously going to reduce image quality, quite a lot. The end result is blurry product photos. Not good if you want a nice looking website or online store:

Blurry Product Photos


Increasing Image Resolution

To correct this problem, we will have to tell WordPress (or Divi) to output the images at a higher resolution than 150px. After some digging through the Divi code to trace how the image tags are generated, I found a clean way to set image sizes for product images in archive listings, using WordPress filters.

To increase the size of your shop’s product images, add the following code to the functions.php file within your theme:

function theme_setup() {
function theme_size_of_product_thumb($u)
return array(332, 332,true);
add_filter('single_product_archive_thumbnail_size', 'theme_size_of_product_thumb');
add_action( 'after_setup_theme', 'theme_setup' );

After you have added the code, refresh the frontend of your website and the product images should appear sharp:

Sharp High Resolution Product Photos


In the example here, I used 332×332 for the image dimensions as that was sufficient for the 3 items per row I was displaying.

If your images are displayed larger than 332×332, perhaps if you are showing fewer than 3 items per row, then you might want to render your images at a higher resolution.

Bear in mind though that larger images means larger image filesizes, which in turn leads to slower page load times. As long as you don’t go huge, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

How To Choose A Good Digital Marketing Consultant

So, you’re looking to hire someone to help with your digital marketing. How do you choose a good digital marketing consultant and not end up hiring a snake-oil salesman? Here’s some top tips for hiring a specialst.

What practical experience do they have?

Anyone can talk the talk, but can they walk the walk? Ask for examples of previous clients they have worked with, along with technical details of their achievements.

Look for at least 8 years experience working in digital marketing. Ideally they would have experience working within and alongside a number of agencies and other businesses. If they have worked in different positions within those agencies, that is a bonus.

Testimonials from past clients

Any half decent consultant should be able to reel off at least half a dozen examples of past successes they have had. They should be able to give the names of clients who can testify. If they’ve really made a positive impact, they should be only too happy to provide a testimonial, right?

Even better, after they have named some businesses they have helped, ask if you can cold call those businesses to verify. If the consultant is being totally honest, they shouldn’t have any problem with that. If they have a valid reason not to, perhaps due to a NDA or other personal reason, it would only be fair to give them the benefit of the doubt, but they should at least be okay with you calling a couple.

Thorough understanding of digital marketing

If you have digital marketing experience yourself, have a call with the consultant to discover where they are at. Ask some probing questions, preferably a few you know the answer to, to see if they genuinely get it.

Ask them to take a look at your website to see if they can identify any potential areas that can be improved. Usually, there will be all kinds of issues and potential improvement areas. Even if they don’t find anything, they should at least be able to explain their process for auditing websites.

Review their website

How can someone be expected to improve your website when they can’t even get their own right?

A good digital marketing consultant should have a compelling website that ranks well for ‘digital marketing consultant [area]’. There should be no obvious technical issues and it should load quickly and display correctly on mobile.

Review their LinkedIn profile

Their LinkedIn profile should list some of the businesses they have worked with and their skills etc. They should normally have a pretty complete and well-compiled profile page with a couple of testimonials at least.

Advanced Operators: How to Google Search like a Pro

Back in the early days of the internet, Google was simply a tool to bring back a list of pages with keywords which match your search criteria.

This is fundamentally what still happens, however the internet has grown a bit since then. Back in 2000, there were around 17 million websites on the internet. Now there are nearly a billion. Cataloging and indexing all of these billions of pages of content has become increasingly more difficult.

Considering all of those extra pages of content, it is becoming increasingly more important that you enter the best possible search criteria into Google to find the results which most closely match what you are looking for. Fortunately for us, Google provide a few handy advanced search operators which we can use.

Find pages containing quotes

Quotes are some of the most used tools in the Google Search arsenal. By wrapping words within your criteria in quotes, Google will only return results containing that quote. You can even mix quotes with individual words for maximum effect.

william shakespeare “to be or not to be is the question”

Exclude words from results

You can exclude any pages from your search results which contain a word by using the -exclude operator.

sea fish -mackerel

Search a specific site

Sometimes, you might find yourself wanting to search a website but their own search tool isn’t up to scratch. Never fear! You can use Google to search only that specific website instead. family guy

See a page which was recently removed/changed

If you ever find a web page has gone down, or perhaps it has been blocked or changed, you can often use Google’s cache to view the page (or rather, a cached copy of the page). Google’s search results have a little ‘Cached’ link next to each result. Alternatively, try the following seach:

These aren’t the only advanced search operators Google offers. There are quite a few. Check out the others on Google’s support pages.





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