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How To Delete Your Reddit Account (Updated 2021)
Laptop Repair Service – Get Your Notebook Fixed
Kodi Not Working On Sky Broadband? Here’s How To Fix It.

How To Delete Your Reddit Account (Updated 2021)

Reddit is one of the world’s largest online community-driven forums, with a total number of over 330 million users at the time of writing. The website hosts a huge range of subreddits (individual forums), covering all kind of subjects including /r/the_donald, which is used by supporters of Donald Trump, to /r/funny, which is where people share comics and memes.

Why are people deleting their Reddit accounts?

Despite its popularity, Reddit has experienced a mass exodus in recent years. There are a number of possible factors which may have caused this, however, a number of people have cited the website’s increasingly draconian censorship measures as a prime reason for them leaving the site.

Censorship on Reddit

According to our source, moderators are actively shadow banning users who express right-leaning political views or even some users who have expressed criticism of the CCP (The Chinese Communist Party). Moderators often cite “hate speech” as the broad reason for their censorship.

Political Discrimination

One of the most prevalent and highly visible problems experienced by Reddit users is the left-wing political bias. It remains a fact that many users who have expressed criticism of the Democrat party, or who have made comments in support of the Republican party have seen their accounts banned from the popular /r/politics subreddit. This has caused many to agree that the site is a left-wing echo chamber.

Information Security

Another quite worrying event was the removal of a warrant canary in 2016. A warrant canary is a text file on a web server which regularly has a sentence added along the lines of “At x time on x date, we have not received any government order to hand over our user’s private data. If the updates stop, it generally means that the website owners have received a court order forcing them to turn in their user’s private information. Well, in 2016 that is exactly what happened. The warrant canary was suddenly removed, indicating that a warrant was received.

Can you deactivate a Reddit account?

At the time of writing, there is no way to simply deactivate your Reddit account. If you want to close your reddit account, permanent deletion is the only option. When you delete a Reddit account, the effects are permanent; you will not be able to log in to the account again.

Can I back up my Reddit account data and posts?

Prior to deleting your account, you may want to back up your forum posts or other account data first. Unfortunately, there is no simple way to do this, however, some people have had success with requesting a dump of their data from the Reddit help team on

How do I delete my Reddit account?

If you are ready to pull the plug and permanently delete your Reddit account, follow the steps below.

Please be aware that deleting your account will not remove any of the comments you made with that account. Instead, the comment author will just be changed to ‘[deleted]’. If you would like to delete comments, you will have to do it before deactivating your account.

The instructions below are aimed at users with a desktop or laptop computer, but you should be able to follow the same process on a mobile phone or tablet. The process should remain the same, but some of the button positions may be different.

Step 1: Log in to Reddit

Before you can delete your account, you have to log in. If you have forgotten your password, then you can do a password reset first. In this case, a reset link will be sent to your registered email account.

Log in to Reddit


Step 2: Select your username

Once you have logged in, go ahead and click on your username at the top right of the main navigation bar. A menu should drop down with a list of options.

Select your Username


Step 3: Choose ‘User Settings’

Click on the ‘User Settings’ option from the dropdown menu. A popup modal window should appear with a form on it.

Choose User Settings


Step 4: Deactivate Account

Scroll to the bottom of the popup window and click on the ‘Deactivate Account’ link. A popup confirmation window will appear .

Click Deactivate Account


Step 5: Confirm Deactivation

Before you can fully delete your account, you will have to log in again using your username and password. Then it’s just a case of clicking the red ‘Deactivate’ button. Clicking the button will permanently delete your account.

Confirm Deactivate


Laptop Repair Service – Get Your Notebook Fixed

Whilst there are a number of laptop problems that you can fix by yourself, if there is a serious problem with the underlying hardware you may need to use a laptop repair service.

Where Can I Take My Broken Laptop?

Fortunately there are loads of places where you can take a broken computer to be fixed. Each of these are explored below with some pro’s and con’s of each.

National Brand PC Repair Shops

There are a few large nationwide brands that can fix laptops. Curry’s PC World is just one example. The big brands can be more expensive than smaller independent outfits, but some people like the consistency commonly found with larger brands. I would recommend reading online reviews before going to any particular company with your laptop. Trustpilot and Yelp are two trustworthy independent review sites. Google Reviews is another, however these reviews tend to be less trustworthy as there is little moderation on the Google Reviews platform.

Independent PC Repair Shops

Most towns and cities have at least a few computer repair shops dotted around. Do a Google Maps search for computer repair on your mobile – you should see local businesses listed with contact details being presented. Again, be careful to check for online reviews and maybe ask family and friends if they have used a shop that they would recommend.

Online Laptop Repair Service

Another option is to send your laptop to an online laptop repair company. These businesses will typically ask you to post your device to them. They will then inspect it and if they think it can be fixed, they will provide a quote to repair. You can choose to go ahead and have them fix it, or just post it back to you.

Some internet laptop repair services charge a fee for inspecting and returning your laptop, whilst others only charge you if they are successful in fixing it.

If you are considering using an online laptop centre, be sure to check their fees and make sure they are reputable and display their full contact and address details. Independent online reviews are also important. Would you seriously post your £800 laptop to a random address without confirming they are legit first?

Kodi Not Working On Sky Broadband? Here’s How To Fix It.

Kodi Streams Stop Working On Sky

If you use Sky Broadband and Kodi has not been working recently, then you are not alone. A lot of people have reported problems watching Kodi streams whilst using Sky broadband.
You may have noticed that more and more movie or TV show streams seem to be down these days. You search for the latest move and click ‘Play’, only to be shown a ‘stream unavailable’ or ‘connection error’ message. You try the next available stream, only to be confronted with the same message.
Eventually, you may have become unable to find any working streams at all. This can be incredibly frustrating, as you don’t know if the stream is down, or if it’s a problem with your connection.

Sound familiar?

Many Kodi Streams Are Blocked On Sky.

Yes, it’s not just your Kodi installation that is broken. Sky, just like many other ISP’s in the UK have blocked a lot of Kodi streams. Sky are known to actively block new domains and IP addresses serving Kodi streams.
At the time of writing, the following Kodi streams are known to be blocked by Sky Broadband:

  • FreeMusic
  • HDPopcorn
  • M4UFree
  • MVLinks
  • ExtraMovied
  • AnimeToon
  • SeeHD
  • WatchEpisodes
  • OceanOF

That’s far from an exhaustive list however, it is likely that many move video streaming services will be blocked by Sky into the future.

Why Does Sky Block Kodi Streams?

Sky don’t block streams just to be mean. They do it as they were forced by the courts to prevent copyright infringement by blocking people’s unrestricted access to copyrighted content. In an attempt to comply with the courts, Sky have actively blocked their customers from accessing a growing list of domain names and IP addresses.

As well as blocking access to video streams, Sky are also prohibiting access to torrent and filesharing websites. What’s more, Sky (or a team contracted by Sky at least) actively troll the internet looking for websites that discuss circumventing their measures.

Does My Current Broadband Provider Block Kodi Streams?

The simplest test you can do to see if there are active blocks on your current broadband connection is to try to visit a website that they are likely to have restricted.
At the time of writing, Sky are actively blocking access to and redirecting visitors to a warning message. Click on the button below to attempt to view

Check For Block

If you see a Sky ‘Access Blocked’ message or other ‘access denied’ type messages, then you are being prevented from accessing at least that website, and quite likely popular movie video streams too.

If The Pirate Bay loads up, or any website loads at all that isn’t a block, then you’re probably not being blocked and video streams probably aren’t being actively blocked either.

If the web browser connection times out or if you see a DNS error of some sort, then access to pirated material may or may not be blocked.

How Can I Access Kodi Video Streams?

If your connection is being blocked by Sky or any other broadband ISP, then there are some ways around the block. Follow one of the techniques below to gain access to Kodi streams if your ISP is blocking them.

Disable Sky Broadband Shield

The first thing to rule out is Sky Broadband shield. Fortunately, you can just turn this off. Sky Broadband Shield is a parental firewall aimed to help parents prevent their children from accessing adult content.

Here’s how to turn Sky Broadband Shield off, in case it’s blocking access to your Kodi streams.

  1. Visit and log in to your Sky account with your credentials.
  2. Find the option to ‘Switch Off’ the broadband shield altogether. You can select age ranges, but in this case we want to remove the shield facility altogether to make sure there is minimal chance of it effecting Kodi.
  3. Check to see if Kodi is working correctly.

Switch Broadband Providers

Possibly the most reliable way around Sky’s firewall is to switch broadband providers completely.

To find out if any particular ISP blocks video streams, try calling their customer service number and asking “Do you block any online websites or video streams?”. You can ask this without giving away any personal information if you’re worried about being identified.

Invest in a VPN

There are a wide array of private VPN providers on the market, each with their own particular perks and features. They’re all pretty much the same though, at least if you’re just looking to avoid your ISP from blocking traffic.

When subscribing to a VPN service, compare monthly rates between subscription lengths. Sometimes registering for a few years in one go can achieve big savings per month compared to smaller plans.

Tether Your Phone’s 4G Connection

This is only worth doing if you have a generous data limit on your mobile plan, or if you’re fortunate enough to have an unlimited 4g plan. Be sure to check the details of your mobile phone contract and consider moving to a high data plan if you need to.

There are loads of options these days, so shop around and find what’s best for you. If you are about to switch to another provider, it may be worth trying a 1-month rolling contract at first before committing to a longer contract period to lock in those savings. Some providers, despite having great looking plans for heavy data users, have terrible network coverage.

Most modern smart phones have a built-in ‘Wi-Fi Hotspot’ mode which creates an ad-hoc wireless network. You can connect to this from your laptop and try connecting again to video streams. Unless of course your 4G provider is blocking video streams too.

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