Laptop Repair Service – Get Your Notebook Fixed

Whilst there are a number of laptop problems that you can fix by yourself, if there is a serious problem with the underlying hardware you may need to use a laptop repair service.

Where Can I Take My Broken Laptop?

Fortunately there are loads of places where you can take a broken computer to be fixed. Each of these are explored below with some pro’s and con’s of each.

National Brand PC Repair Shops

There are a few large nationwide brands that can fix laptops. Curry’s PC World is just one example. The big brands can be more expensive than smaller independent outfits, but some people like the consistency commonly found with larger brands. I would recommend reading online reviews before going to any particular company with your laptop. Trustpilot and Yelp are two trustworthy independent review sites. Google Reviews is another, however these reviews tend to be less trustworthy as there is little moderation on the Google Reviews platform.

Independent PC Repair Shops

Most towns and cities have at least a few computer repair shops dotted around. Do a Google Maps search for computer repair on your mobile – you should see local businesses listed with contact details being presented. Again, be careful to check for online reviews and maybe ask family and friends if they have used a shop that they would recommend.

Online Laptop Repair Service

Another option is to send your laptop to an online laptop repair company. These businesses will typically ask you to post your device to them. They will then inspect it and if they think it can be fixed, they will provide a quote to repair. You can choose to go ahead and have them fix it, or just post it back to you.

Some internet laptop repair services charge a fee for inspecting and returning your laptop, whilst others only charge you if they are successful in fixing it.

If you are considering using an online laptop centre, be sure to check their fees and make sure they are reputable and display their full contact and address details. Independent online reviews are also important. Would you seriously post your £800 laptop to a random address without confirming they are legit first?

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