Online MD5 Hasher/Cracker

Cloud CrackerIf you’ve ever worked with a PHP/MySQL application which handles user logins, then you will have worked with MD5 Hashes. An MD5 is a one-way encryption algorithm commonly used by web applications to store passwords.
When a new user creates an account, their password is ‘hashed’ using MD5 and the hash is stored along with their username in the database. When they attempt to login in the future, their entered password is hashed and compared to the hash in the database. If they match, they are authenticated. This is great as the password does not have to be visible in the database.

If you forget your admin password when developing an app and haven’t coded a ‘reset your password’ part yet (I always code these boring bits last!) you have 2 choices. You can create a new MD5 hash and replace the one in the database, or you can ‘crack’ the hash to find out your password. But how?

Enter Cloud Cracker, the free online MD5 hasher/cracker. This nifty little tool will take any password and give you it’s MD5 hash. It will also attempt to ‘crack’ an entered hash and show you the plaintext password.

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